• ‘Rocks’ verven en verstoppen

    12647272_1972555059637162_6788742672766219019_nEen tijdje geleden kwam ik op Facebook een pagina tegen van “JC Rocks”. Een mevrouw die in haar buurt allerlei mooi geverfde stenen verstopt. Als je de steen vindt, kun je naar haar Facebookpagina om te laten weten dat je de steen gevonden hebt. Je kunt de steen houden of weer terugleggen zodat iemand anders de steen kan vinden. Je kunt op de Facebookpagina ook aankondigen dat je weer stenen gaat verstoppen. Echt heel leuk voor de kinderen en weer eens wat anders dan naar Pokemons zoeken 😉

    Nou ben ik nogal gek op “Verhalenstenen” maken en dacht meteen “Jaaaa!”, nog meer reden om nóg meer stenen te maken en kinderen blij te maken. Ik heb dus zojuist een Facebookgroep voor DenHaag gemaakt. Wil je meedoen met verven en verstoppen van stenen of heb je binnenkort een steen gevonden, kijk dan bij deze groep!

    En….wie weet ontstaan er ook Facebookpagina’s voor DelftRocks, VoorburgRocks, AchlumRocks, MaastrichtRocks etc?

    Hieronder ook de tekst en het ‘reglement’ van JCRocks, welke belangrijk is om op de Facebookpagina te plaatsen. Deze kun je aanpassen voor jouw woonplaats.

    Veel plezier met ‘Rocks’ verven en verstoppen/vinden!

    Speelse groet,


    Welcome to JC Rocks. Our goal is to spread love and inspiration through rock art by painting rocks and placing them throughout our community, in Jefferson City and surrounding areas. Once you paint your rocks you can place them anywhere in town just please be courteous of other people and business areas or properties. Please let’s KEEP OUR ROCKS OUTSIDE, NOT INSIDE STORES OR BUSINESSES. If you find a painted rock please come and share your pictures and tell us where you found them. It’s always fun to see if your rocks have been found. If you find a rock, you can either relocate it or if you like it, you may keep it as long as you replace it with your own painted rocks. After you paint your rocks, we ask that you put the facebook logo with JC Rocks or #JCRocks so that people know where to go to post pics and that will also help us keep track of them when they trave long distances. Now that so many towns are participating we want to know how far our Rocks are traveling. When your Masterpiece is done make sure you seal them with a clear coat so we can continue to keep our wonderful art looking great after being out in the weather and moved from place to place. This is a fun unique way for everyone to spread a little joy and hopefully bring our community together in a colorful way!

    *First and foremost I want us to remember that this page represents love and inspiration and sets an example and reminder for us to show compassion throughout our community.
    *Businesses.. I will encourage and allow advertising if IN RETURN you advertise for JC Rocks and help spread our message of encouraging love and inspiration throughout our community.
    *Please don’t place rocks in credit card reader’s or places that could damage property.
    *Please Don’t forget to mark the back of your lovely rocks with the facebook logo and JC Rocks #JCRocks.
    *Please don’t be hateful to each other. If anyone is having issues there are 5 administrators. Message one of us. We will work the best we can to get it resolved.
    *Please only paint and place Rocks.
    * When hiding rocks around the Capitol or any state office building, please make sure you keep them out of the grass, do not place in trees, statues, fountains, monuments, or walkway’s. The workers who cut the grass don’t want to hurt anyone while mowing.
    *Please do not place Rocks in medians or close to busy intersections and roads. Kids are out looking for these rocks and we want to keep everyone safe. Please keep that in mind when you place or hide your rocks. If you have to question if its a dangerous spot to place your rock, it probably is.
    *Most important one… Know that by taking a little money out of your budget for supplies and a little time out of your day to paint these rocks, and put them out for others, you have the potential to make someone else smile, to brighten their day, get them involved in their community, and I am just so blessed and proud of all of you to want to be involved in such an amazing movement! Alone it might feel impossible to make a difference but together we can do anything. 😊 An act of random kindness one Rock at a time! You guys are amazing and totally Rock!!


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